Specialty Finishes

Give your home a custom look, we offer faux, ombre, wood graining, colored varnish, antiquing finishes.

Faux Finishes

Palladino Painting has built an outstanding reputation for their distinctive faux finishes. Whether it’s for interiors or exteriors, faux finishes add a unique flair to any home or business. 

Rich, old-world textures and color washes can evoke the feel of a Mediterranean villa or a cozy European cottage.

Palladino reproductions include everything from stone to wood to hand-troweled plaster. And our meticulous antiquing effects will make heirlooms out of your existing furniture and fixtures.

Ombre Finishes

Ombre finishes can be customized to fit various color schemes and design preferences. The gradual transition of colors creates a visually appealing and dynamic effect, adding depth and interest to the painted surface. Whether used on walls, furniture, or other decorative elements, ombre finishes can bring a touch of elegance and creativity to any space.

Wood Staining

Additional Finishes

Wood Graining: Wood graining is a decorative painting technique that mimics the natural grain patterns of wood on surfaces like doors and furniture, adding a rustic and authentic look.

Colored Varnish: Colored varnish is a tinted and protective finish applied to wood surfaces, offering both color enhancement and durable protection while preserving the wood’s natural beauty.

Antiquing:  Antiquing painting is a decorative technique that involves deliberately distressing or aging a surface to create the appearance of a vintage or antique finish, adding character and a sense of history to the object or furniture piece.

Fine Enamel Spraying: Enamel paint is a type of paint that dries to a hard, glossy finish and provides a durable and long-lasting coating.

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What Our Clients Say

"Excellent prep. They removed peeling paint on woodwork and sanded it before repainting. Smoothed/removed traces of old wallpaper. When I changed my mind about the paint color after the first coat, it only took one call to the office and they had the new color with them when they arrived at the job. They were quiet and respectful of the household and cleaned up well each night. No damage to the carpet or to a bookcase that was too large to remove. Finished in 3 days. Lou came by twice to check on the job and to inspect it with me at the end."
Chris W.
Angi Review
"Very professional. They did a very good job. Clean, perfect. They found some dry rot that I fixed prior to painting which is the right thing to do. Most painting companies will look away and just paint over it."
Drake Associates
Houzz Review
"After 30 years of home ownership, I must say that Palladino Painting is the best in the Bay Area. Lou and his team were able to figure out how to properly prep, prime, and paint a very difficult peeling side wall exposed to sun, wind, and other elements, that no other painter was able to figure out. Highly recommend! They definitely know their stuff."
Betty L.
Yelp Review
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