Color Consultations

Our outstanding commercial painting service is a clear signal of quality that your clients are sure to appreciate.

Creating the Perfect Palette

During our color consultation, our professionals will take the time to understand your unique style, preferences, and the ambiance you want to create. Whether you’re aiming for a modern and vibrant look, a cozy and warm atmosphere, or a classic and timeless feel, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss your existing decor, lighting, and architectural features to curate a color scheme that harmonizes seamlessly with your space.

Our extensive knowledge of color psychology and design trends allows us to suggest colors that not only enhance your space aesthetically but also promote the desired emotions and moods. We’ll guide you through a diverse selection of color swatches, providing insight into how different shades can influence the perception of space, evoke emotions, and complement one another.

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We guarantee the quality of our service, as well as the durability of our painted coatings. We stand behind our work with written warranties.

Unsurpassed Beauty

What Our Clients Say

"Lou (the owner) checked in regularly. He is the color whisperer. What do we want? Let’s figure it out. With never a hint of exasperation or impatience, he helped us figure out the best choice of both color and product.

From start to finish, the process was exceptional. The guys were respectful, and even whistled while they worked. OK, yes, we provided lunches and treated them as the valued professionals that they are but that seemed minuscule in comparison to the amazing efforts they put into our home."
Adventure Buddies
Google Review
"So, choosing paint is surprisingly stressful. Who knew there are about 1000 shades of off white! Choosing Palladino, fortunately, meant that the rest of the project was not stressful."
Emily C.
Yelp Review
"We asked them to do a very complicated color scheme, and they did a wonderful job at it."
Richard P.
Angi Review
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